The future of academic research and writting is here!

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The Quick Draft team is excited to have you here! In this article I am going to tell you how Quick Draft works and how you can get the most benefit. Quick Draft is a revolutionary technology that allows students to enhance their research and writing with artificial intelligence (AI). Quick Draft’s AI analyzes your request for information based on user writing prompts.  After that it starts to generate original plagiarism free content by itself! It follows specific rules while writing, like changing the tense of sentences and using appropriate vocabulary for a given subject.

Quick Draft is inspired by human writers and therefore it incorporates style options that are similar to some famous authors. Quick Draft is powered by an advanced algorithm which allows the program to write on any academic subject. The algorithm has access to almost everything published on the world wide web and uses a number of research sources, including academic journals, to create original content that meets your specific requirements.

The more specific or general your request the more specific or general the output will be. For example, if you ask Quick Drafter about the history of the world, it will deliver you a history book. If on the other hand, you ask about the Battle of Saratoga in the American Revolutionary War, QuickDraft will provide you with relevant content on the Battle of Saratoga enabling you to quickly research and write on any topic. If you’re looking for something more specific like the strategy of the British General John Burgoyne during the Battle of Saratoga, no problem Quick draft can write about specific topics too.

In basic terms, Quick Draft is an app which can research any topic you ask it to and write custom content providing the user with personalized learning materials.  Quick Draft can answer a specific question, provide you with an outline on a topic, or even generate replies to discussion board posts. This technology changes the way we approach academic research and writing and is guaranteed to save you time and help you achieve your academic goals. Quick Draft wrote this article itself, so no human hand has been involved in its creation!

The future or writing is here!


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