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QuickDraft learned to write by reading millions of academic journal articles, books, newspapers, and websites. QuickDraft transforms a sentence or a question into coherent plagiarism free paragraphs on any subject you ask it to. You can also turn a topic into an outline and use it to brainstorm or explore a subject, as well as, generate replies to discussion board posts.

Quick Draft will help you to research and write assignments 10X faster by providing you with plagiarism free user generated content that’s tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Quick Draft’s artificial intelligence generates original plagiarism free responses to your requests every time.  The artificial intelligence algorithm is trained to predict the next few letters, not words or sentences, and it has a randomizer so it will not create the exact same content twice even if you ask it the same question.  

Quick Draft’s AI-powered research & writing assistant is able to work with a wide range of writing tasks. QuickDraft is trained in different writing styles.  For example, it knows the difference in writing style between an introduction and conclusion paragraph style.  It can assist in brainstorming on a topic and create an outline, generate replies to a discussion board, or answer a question in a paragraph!

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